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Royal Progress and King's Supper

We’ve been getting reports that this past week’s segment was one of the best yet! What a great cast we had; thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll post...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
Wednesday March 29 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (EDT)
0 people are coming
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Trouble Hearing? Read Along with Smartphone this Wednesday

Bring your smartphone or wifi enabled device this Wednesday and we will provide a link to the script for the evening. This way, you can follow along and not miss...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
Comment from Carol Moskel:

There will also be several printed copies of the script available tonight in addition to the online version.

Just keep in mind that the online version will be a cleaner copy. 

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"Faulty Foundations" A Mini CotA Talk Series with Deacon Jan Kaneft

This Sunday you will love experiencing Deacon Jan Kaneft in her element. Clearly a gifted teacher, Jan will be ours for CotA Talks these next three Sundays, bringing...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
Comment from Abi Matthews:

<3 thanks Julein!

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CotA Cooks!

As counter intuitive as it may seem, the effort to cook actually diminishes for each added person. Find yourself surprised how easy it can be to prepare a meal for...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Streetside
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Children’s Church Needs Only 20 min of Your Time!

We need THREE people to volunteer for ONE Sunday every month (until we switch to our Summer schedule in June) for the following positions: Children’s Church Teacher...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Children's Church Teachers
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Grade Schoolers Rise to Challenge at Wednesday Night Program

Ever been intimidated by a blank sheet of paper? Not CotA grade schoolers, who were passed out white sheets and pencils Wednesday night with the challenge of visually...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
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40% Off Bearly Used Storage Shed

Help yourself with extra space, help Johanna by taking this item off her hands. You can benefit from Jo’s move by purchasing her gently used 7X7 foot Rubbermaid...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Listserv
Comment from Carol Moskel:

Wonderful! Give Jo a call! (319) 461-9434

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An Excellent Introduction to Dorothy L Sayers

Fr Brad Wilson introduced the author of our Wednesday night program dramas, Dorothy L Sayers at our CotA Talk this past Sunday morning. Like GK Chesterton and George...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
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You May Have Noticed the Cathedra this Sunday

“What was that interesting looking chair doing in the middle of the sanctuary this past Sunday?” On September 21, 2014 Church of the Apostles became the Cathedral...
Posted by Chip Edgar in Church of the Apostles
Comment from Jeremy Cowan:

Why was the Glastonbury Chair famous?

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Say "Cheese"!

It’s "I Heart CotA” Month February is associated with Valentine’s Day, so we we’re declaring it ‘We Heart CotA’ month and celebrating our community here...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
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Discipleship Weekend :: Overview

Who is my neighbor? Seems like a simple question, but even two thousand years ago people had a hard time answering it. The challenge is back in a big way as questions...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
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Epiphanytide and it's Iconic Figures, the Magi

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near.” Epiphany first emphasizes that, in Christ, God brings freedom from sin for all—for...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Church of the Apostles
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The Feast of the Epiphany :: January 6

This Friday is the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany means “manifestation.” While Christmas celebrates the Incarnation of Christ, Epiphany has a special focus on...
Posted by David Pucik in Church of the Apostles
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No Nursery during Christmas Service

There will not be a nursery during the Christmas Service.  This will allow everyone an opportunity to worship together as a family.   Blessings Julie Weaver ...
Posted by Julie Weaver in Nursery (Babies)
Comment from Chip Edgar:

The sermon will be short and simple! Kids can handle it.

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Walk With Rwanda has been Adopted!

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF), the official relief and development arm of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA),...
Posted by Carol Moskel in Outreach Committee
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Church of the Apostles

We believe the ancient Christian faith still speaks with clarity to the challenges of our contemporary world. The ancient liturgy of the Church clearly heralds the message of the Good News that Jesus Christ—in his life, death, resurrection and ascension—can make us truly free. Our worship is rooted in the early church tradition of the “Apostles’ teaching (Holy Scripture, faithfully explained), fellowship, the breaking of bread (Holy Communion) and the prayers” (Acts 2.42). It is within this context we work to be a place where people can hear this Good News and grow to follow Jesus, their Savior, more faithfully as Lord.

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